Saturday, October 24, 2009

Untuk semua AJK Baktisiswa Perdana Bakti Permai

1. Cari peserta
  • AJK peserta dah buat flyers untuk diedarkan di blok H9, H11, H12
  • satu bilik satu flyers sahaja
  • kita akan approach international student
  • Aiman akan emel iklan Bakti Siswa kepada student international
  • Pada 26 & 27 kita akan buka meja pendaftaran di 2 tempat iaitu di cafe H10 dan cafe H16 (international student) dari pukul 11 sampai 2
  • Siapa yang free time tu kontek shida 0176044988

2. Cari Sponsorship
  • Cuba tanya kawan, parent kawan dan kawan kawan untuk cari sponsorship sebanyak mungkin
  • Boleh jugak tanya kat kedai2 gambar, kedai spek dan kedai runcit

Bakti Siswa Perdana

Don’t have anything to do after exams?
Or you feel like wanna go out of this world after dealing with exams?
If the answer is YES, you are the one we're looking for!

Join our Baktisiswa Perdana (HOMESTAY PROGRAM) at Pahang, the biggest state in Malaysia for a lot whole of fun!!

In a village somewhere around a region in Pahang- 6 hours from USM Penang(To be determined soon)

What are we going to do??
- Learn how to do everything the village way
- challenge yourself to communicate with different dialect of language
- visit the nature around the village! WANT TO BE ‘VILLAGE BOY/GIRLS’
- Taste the ‘VILLAGE FOODS’ from your adopted families.
- Some give and take. Introduce some USM products and you get knowledge that
cant be just plucked anywhere

Whats more?
- Lives in real village house in real village with real village people
- Feel the peace and tranquility in village’s nature
- Enjoy lovely scene around your village
- And more importantly, you are far away from busy and tired life of campus

What you get is
- A cap
- 2 Nicely designed t-shirts
- Certificate And you just have to pay RM50 per person So, whats keeping you? Come join this program and eat my words guys, this will be the BESTEST program you'll join in your life!! For more details, please contact Aizat: 017-2112579 Aus: 017-5270492